AARP Tax Aides 2021

AARP TAX AIDES have no more available appointments in April.



Because of the process they are required to use this season, AARP Foundation Tax Aide is not able to prepare as  many tax returns as they have in the past. They are truly sorry to not be able to personally help everyone, but there is an alternative for those who have a laptop or tablet and have access to the Internet. Using the self-assistance option gives you access to assistance from Tax Aide IRS certified counselors who can answer your questions as you go through the return preparation process. 

If you believe you are capable of preparing your own return with assistance, please consider this self-preparation option. If you expect to receive a refund, preparing your own return with certified assistance allows you to receive that refund sooner. By doing your own return, you will allow Tax Aides to help more people who do not have this capability.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THE SELF-PREPARATION OPTION, please visit, select "Prepare my own taxes on line," then click on "Request Help" button.