When Franklin County is in the red zone with COVID cases, the in-person activities are closed. Once Franklin Co. is out of the red zone, Marchele will contact all the instructors to determine when the instructor wants to resume his/her class. Then the Center will notify those peoppole who have signed up. In addition, follow us on Facebook and the website for current information. 

Limited to 5 tables. Reservations required. Call Janna or Anne, 502-223-5794, for reservations. 

HAND & FOOT CARDS: Thursdays September 2 & 16, 9 am - noon.

Limited to 5 tables. Reservations required. Call Janna or Anne, 502-223-5794, for reservations. 

On line programs for  September 2021


The line dancing video rotates each 2 weeks. Contact Anne at to be added to the list. 

August 23, 31, September 7, 14, 21, 28.
No registration necessary. This is how it works:

1. Download 2 Bingo cards from the Internet, call the Center and ask for us to mail you 2 cards OR stop by the Center on March 29, 9 a.m.—2 p.m., and pick up cards.
2. About 2 p.m. on Tuesday, call (502) 209-7085 from your phone—either land line or cell phone.
3. When the phone at Capital City Center is answered, tell your name to the person answering. Be sure you have your Bingo cards ready.
4. Then stay on the line and follow the directions. The caller (maybe even someone you’ve missed at the Center) will call the numbers and tell you exactly what to do.

5. IF you are a lucky winner, the Caller will tell you how to claim your prize.

TAI CHI FOR ARTHRITIS--four videos available. 
You may watch the video as many times as you'd like during the week once you've registered. 

This is how online line dancing and Tai Chi work:

1. You email
2. Anne will email you a link that will be open on the specific date. This link will be open for the time noted in the newsletter weeks. Once you receive the link to a specific video, you don’t need to do anything else each time--unless you want to be removed from the list.
3. Each time you participate in the video, please email Anne and answer 3 question:

  • Date and time you participated in the video.
  • ​One comment about how you did.
  • Suggestions for what we could do to make the experience better for you. (This might include suggestions for Carol, suggestions for access, program topics—or anything else.)
  • Questions? Email Anne at