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By popular demand, the monthly shopping trips to Kroger and Walmart will resume--only this time the Center will be providing the transportation. The Center bus will leave the Center at 1 p.m. and deliver folks to the shopping destination. They will be picked up at 2:30 p.m. and delivered either to the Center or to their homes. Please call the Center, 223-5794, to sign up for this service each month. 
KROGER SHOPPING DAY:   December 28, January 25

Oh the Places We Can Go* 
After the holidays there is often a let down. We take down the tree and pack away the decorations. We watch the weather get colder, snowier and darker. Perhaps some of your friends flee to Florida or Arizona or a warmer climate. Even if you can’t join them, never fear. Your senior center is thinking of spring and sunshine and places to go.    
 The Capital City Activity Center is in the process of reviving and establishing the travel committee to plan trips for 2018. They will do a better job of traveling if they know where you would like to go, how long you’d like to stay and the price range of trips you might be interested in. For example, are you interested in day trips only? A cruise? A hike through the Rocky Mountains? A trip to Niagara Falls? The photo above was taken while on a trip to Charleston in 2015. Maybe some of you remember that trip. Just before that time the center surveyed members about travel desires. Our living circumstances, health and desires change, so it’s seems time to survey everyone again. If you like to travel and would like to voice your opinions,  stop by the office to fill out a survey. We’ll pass on the results to the Travel Committee. Then stay tuned as the committee spends the winter planning fun places you can go in 2018.

 * Title adapted from Dr. Seuss’s  Oh The Places You’ll Go